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Responsibility and ethical duty: the virtuous circle of sustainability

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Since its foundation, Lanificio di Tollegno has worked to maintain a constant balance between production efficiency and respect for the habitat, creating the foundations for a circular economy whose cornerstones are sustainability, intelligent recovery, and conscious reuse. Care for the environment and for people is therefore a responsibility and an ethical duty expressed by choices and investments that are consistent with this philosophy.

This serious commitment is validated by certificates, real proof of how much the production and processing of the fabrics meets specific green provisions. These certifications are: 4Sustainability, which guarantees the absence in the textile products of substances that are harmful to people and the environment, taking into account the globalized and extremely fragmented nature of the supply chain; RWS, a standard about sheep welfare and respect for their environment; and Nativa® Precious Fiber, focused on the quality and traceability of wool fibres along the entire value chain, ensuring authentic garments made with natural fibres while supporting animal welfare and the environment.

3D Wool Sustainability

Environment to which the company dedicates attention and care, as demonstrated by the adoption of purification plants which treat the production water daily and return it to the Cervo stream in full compliance with the law on discharges into surface waters; the installation of 12,500 square meters of photovoltaic panels positioned on the weaving plant; and the presence of a hydroelectric plant with 2 latest-generation turbines.

In addition to this, for each phase of the production process the company employs the most advanced technologies in terms of machinery and processing, which, by not using harmful substances, guarantee the staff a comfortable and safe environment.