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A new mindset, a lifestyle concept that goes beyond fashion, a treasured interpreter of the made in italy: 3dwool, the innovative fabric by the lanificio di tollegno that combines performance and aesthetics

Lanificio di Tollegno

Comfortable in essence, highly performant for the ability of accompanying each moment of your day at its best and sartorial by nature thanks to the possibility of purchasing a “ready to make” cuts designed for tailor-made garments: welcome to the 3DWOOL world.
Technical and innovative a synthesis of ease and aesthetics, comfort and uniqueness, 3DWOOL interprets the necessities and desires of the contemporary woman and man, contributing to delinate their style.

The combination of its affinity with nature, expressed by the use of certified and traceable wool, and the innate performance, guaranteed by its 25% elasticity, makes it a fabric of the future. Thanks to its properties this fabric is ideal to tailor garments that shape you body by following your natural features, without binding or reducing your movements.

Yet 3DWOOL is much more than that: it’s about approaching fashion with a new attitude and create everyday outfits for those looking for a product that combines quality of textile fibres, practicality and technical value. A lifestyle concept fruit of the research and experimenting activity carried out by the R&D department Lanificio di Tollegno, that for over 120 years has been standing as an epitome of the Made in Italy in for its craftsmanship, creativity and innovation.

3D Wool lanifcio

Pioneers by vocation, the women and men of our company have constantly striven to capture and interpret business trends, bringing to life a product able to meet and exceed market demands. This awareness, along with the ambition for creating a fabric that provides unparalleled comfort, brought 3DWOOL to life.

The value of this product is emphasised by its sustainable soul, attested by production and processing stages that, being entirely carried out in the Tollegno plant, adopt green systems and processes and significantly reduce the use of chemical products as well.

"High quality italian stretch fabrics designed for exceptional performance.